Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. As promised, the Prick Pics blog is up and running. I am very excited to be bringing pics of hot pricks to you daily. I am still working out some of the kinks and will be adding new features soon. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I will do my best to keep it updated and fresh but can only do that with your help. Send me pics as often as you like, send me multiple pics, check back daily, add this blog to your favorites and be sure to tell your friends. Take care and "see" you all soon!! Big D -- prickpics@comcast.net


Submit a pic of your prick to PrickPics@comcast.net. I will only accept quality jpeg pics of your cock and balls. I will not accept pics that include your face. Please include your first name (make one up if you're shy) and your last initial. Also include your city, state and country. All email addresses will be kept confidential and only used if there are issues or questions regarding your pics. By submitting a digital picture to the above email address, you are giving me full permission to publish the pic on this blog. Thank you!!

Jesse R - Washington DC USA

Nice hairy prick!

Mike P - College Park, MD USA

Bentley Prick!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Andy M - No Location Given

Love the big fat mushroom head...very hot!!!!

HotnHairy - Atlanta, GA USA

Standing at attention!

HotnHairy - Atlanta, GA USA

Looks like it's about to squirt....yummy!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gabe S - Jersey City, NJ USA

Sweet low-hangers....

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Calvin L - Washington DC USA


David W - York, PA USA

Grainy but pretty.

Jose R - Miami Shores, FL USA

Now that's what I call a trouser snake!!!

Charlie M - Pittsburgh, PA USA

C'mon and ride the white pony!

Steven R - Chicago, IL USA

Smooth and sweet!